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Nhà Ginza Ginza

Welcome to Nhà Ginza Ginza. 

Nhà Ginza Ginza is the first and only restaurant in Turkey with an award-winning, authentic Vietnamese menu. Within one month of its 2019 launch in Bodrum, Nhâ Ginza Ginza received rave reviews from customers all over Turkey and the world. The restaurant quickly became recognized as one of the greatest additions to the food scene in Bodrum and Turkey and immediately received top-ratings on TripAdvisor and 5-star on Facebook. In 2022, Nhà Ginza Ginza received the Tripadvisor Travellers’ Choice Award. Only 10 percent of restaurants worldwide receive this prestigious award. 

The owner and head chef, Victoria Vân, is a Vietnamese-American. She came to Turkey as a business investor and technologist. Not knowing the language well, she soon realized that cooking was a great way to connect and communicate with the locals. In 2019, she decided to start a restaurant and serve Southeast Asian food, a move that many applauded and praised. After a successful launch in Bodrum, she decided to take her culinary experience and the Nhà Ginza Ginza name to Istanbul, where she launched her second restaurant focusing on traditional Vietnamese cuisine.

The current menu consists of authentic Vietnamese dishes. Vietnamese food is loved by many all over the world for its simple yet delicate combination of spices, fresh vegetables, and aromatic herbs. The most popular Vietnamese dishes include Ph (a beef or chicken noodle soup), Gi cun (fresh spring rolls made with rice paper and fresh herbs), Ch Giò (fried egg rolls filled with meat and vermicelli noodles), Bún tht nướng (thin noodle salad with beef and fresh herbs and vegetables), and Bún bò Huế. These are some of the hearty Vietnamese dishes that our menu will introduce to our Istanbul community. Please check our menu for more delicious details. 

Nhà Ginza Ginza’s first Istanbul location is next to the famous Buyuk Ortaköy Cami in Ortaköy-Beşiktaş, Istanbul. The second location is on the rooftop of the Armagrandi Hotel in Sultanahmet.

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Chef  & Owner, Victoria Vân